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Trend alert: the wet-look braid
Trend alert: the wet-look braid
Trend alert: the wet-look braid
Styles and trends

Trend alert: the wet-look braid

Shiny, wet-look hair is most commonly worn during the summer season. The effect replicates how hair looks as you come out of the ocean water on holiday, however with a more glamorous end-result. On the Just Cavalli runway, models had all been styled with a loose, wet-look braid which appeared both chic and modern.
The trend. After several years , the wet-look is still one of the most popular hairstyles for summer. Simple to create, it instantly gives your style a unique twist. Whether you create the look on short hair for a rock-chic vibe or on long hair for an elegant feel, this style is always a winner. This season’s must-have take on the trend is the wet-look braid. The style will give your hair star-quality that is perfect for summer and will have all your friends asking how you created your new look.
Who can wear it? Women with long hair who prefer wearing relaxed, bohemian hairstyles. On the catwalk, braids had a messy, bed-head look about them, which added a feminine feel to the look. The wet-look effect combined with a tight braid would appear far too strict and is not a good look for anyone, so stick to the loose version for optimum results.
How to create the wet-look braid. This style generally requires long hair to re-create the catwalk look. Brush hair thoroughly with a comb, then allow to dry naturally. Don’t bother straightening your locks. Once hair is dry, apply a styling product which will give your hair an added shine. Opt for gel if you need both a styling and strong-hold product. If you only require a glossy shine, then choose Shine Spray.  When you have evenly distributed the product throughout your hair, you can start braiding the lengths. Try not to pull the strands of your braid too tightly and tease out a few sections to give your style a relaxed, laid-back finish.
© Pixelformula / Just Cavalli prêt-à-porter runway, Spring-Summer 2014 © Jean Louis David
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