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Travel size: a closer look at the GO Repair range!
Travel size: a closer look at the GO Repair range!
Travel size: a closer look at the GO Repair range!
Hair care

Travel size: a closer look at the GO Repair range!


Finished packing your suitcase? Only if you have remembered to include all of your hair care essentials! Good news, holidaymakers: the GO Repair range has just been expanded with some of your favourite products in travel size (100 ml).

The major drawback of going on holiday? Having to ditch all of your favourite products at the risk of them being confiscated at the airport. Unless you opt for travel-size versions. With the GO Repair 'travel size' range, you can take your Jean Louis David products with you everywhere you go. This is the perfect opportunity for us to give you a recap of this range of products, which are a must-have this season.

GO what?

GO Repair! A range of three treatments (including a shampoo and mask) formulated to be THE ultimate big-hitting therapy for your locks.

Who is the range suitable for?

Mainly those who have extremely damage-prone, dehydrated and brittle locks.

There has to be a little secret...

Yes, at the heart of the formulation is caviar extract. This is an ingredient which has gradually become an essential in cosmetics formulations due to its highly reparative properties. Thanks to this key ingredient, the hair fibre is deeply nourished and regenerated. As it restores your hair's vitality, you can get shinier-looking locks once more. And as Jean Louis David attaches great importance to the composition of its products, the formulations of this range do not contain parabens, silicone or sulphates.

How do I get started?

The advantage of these 'travel size' versions is that they also allow you to try out various different products! Start off by using the shampoo. Apply a small amount to damp hair (using excessive amounts of product does not guarantee cleaner hair... Quite the opposite!) and gently massage it in, lathering up the product with some water. That is the first step of ridding your hair of impurities.

Step 2: rinse your hair and then apply a small amount of the mask to the lengths and tips. Leave it to soak in for around 5 minutes. Then, detangle your locks and rinse them thoroughly. Finish it all off with a small amount of (leave in) nectar once you have properly squeezed out the water from your hair.

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