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Top blonde shades for men
Top blonde shades for men

Top blonde shades for men

Admit it…ever since you fell in love with Leonardo Di Caprio after his 1997 Titanic performance, you've dreamt of your own boyfriend having the same blonde locks as Leo. What’s more, since then you’ve been trying to convince him to dye his hair a similar shade, without looking like Hulk Hogan. So, what shades are best for men when dying their hair blonde ?
Blonde for men. Everyone has a different opinion on blonde hair. Some love it, some don’t. However, there’s one thing most people agree on, which is the fact that men with blonde hair aren’t scared of drawing attention to themselves.  In fact, a light colour like blonde attracts the eye much more than brown tones, which are considered to be more ‘ordinary’. Whether you’re a guy who wants all over blonde, or just highlights, there are a few rules to get the perfect colour.
Choosing your shade.  Of course, the shade of blonde all depends upon the ‘in’ trends. Yet it’s always important to choose a blonde that works well with your natural hair colour as it’s very easy to spot a dye-job once your roots start coming in. Nobody wants dark brown roots at the top of their light blonde hair. Make sure you book a salon appointment to talk to your stylist about which tone of blonde will work best for you personally. Most of the time, you're advised not to go over two shades lighter than your natural hair colour.
Are highlights for you? Men who want a lighter colour than their base colour often start out by getting highlights. This technique of creating a contrast between original and highlighted colour can be used on mens hair to give it life and brightness. If you’re going for a sun-kissed look or a stronger contrast, everything is possible with highlights. Just make sure you discuss your colour change with your stylist first.
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