Tips for hiding your roots

Ideally you should visit your hairdresser every 6 weeks to have your roots done. Ideally. In reality, people rarely follow this advice. This is usually simply down to a lack of time or money. Here are some tips to tide you over until your next appointment.
“When there’s a big difference with your natural colour, the roots that appear after a few weeks are not particularly becoming. So it’s best to cover them up.” If you can’t have them redone straight-away, show some ingenuity by hiding them or working with them!
The first solution is to adopt slick styles. “Pulling your hair back using a gel for a wet look will minimise your roots!” You could also try a ballerina bun or strict ponytails.
“Curly hair is another great way of concealing roots. Curls create movement and draw people’s attention away from your roots.” So you can forget ultra-straight hair straightaway! Another hairstyle that can save you the shame of roots is the crown braid, messy and romantic, which goes around your head.
Finally, use and abuse hair accessories! Especially the chunky headband for a sixties vibe. This trendy accessory will hide your roots underneath it. But no need to restrict yourself to this type of headband. You can also try ribbon, braided, fine and stretchy headbands. In other words, anything that will draw attention way from your roots!
Our tip: To avoid the issue of grown-out roots and to make your life easier, avoid opting for a colour that clashes with your natural colour. By staying close to your original colour, the contrast will be less striking and touch-ups less urgent.

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