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Temporary hair colour

The Snow Flakes Effect: the new coloring technique by Jean Louis David

Jean Louis David presents to you its latest coloring technique: a lightening treatment designed to illuminate your hair using sun-kissed highlights. We break down this technique for you.

The technique

The Snow Flakes Effect technique is an adaptation of the Contrast treatment. All of the hair is lightened using ultra-luminous highlights. The only exception: the roots remain natural. As for the tips, they are lightened to create a “snowflake” effect, becoming more intense near the ends. Once you have opted for this treatment, this temporary coloring intensifies your color and gives it extreme shine.


Who is it for?

Those who wish to make their hair lighter by adding character and maximum relief. Furthermore, it is ideal for emphasizing a haircut in a personalized way. Your hairdresser will adapt it according to your desired look and your type of hair. The good news? You can adopt the Snow Flakes Effect whatever the texture of your hair. However, it is best suited for mid-length to long hair, so all of the tones are perfectly visible.


How do I maintain the Slow Flakes effect?

Visit your hair salon every three months. This frequency is more than enough to revive the pigments of your color and to carry out any required touch-ups on your hair. Also, rest assured your color will age well with time, as this technique maintains contrast well and doesn’t produce the “roots effect”.

As for maintaining your hair at home, use products from the Color Therapy range. Wash your hair two to three times a week with Intense Color shampoo. Once a week, let the Deep Color Mask sink into your hair for a few minutes before rinsing with clean water. These treatments boost your color’s radiant shine whilst preserving your hair’s health for weeks.


This article inspired you?

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