Three reasons to opt for tone-on-tone hair colouring

Do you want to revitalise your hair without using permanent hair colouring? Tone-on-tone hair colouring is the ideal solution. Here are four reasons why you should have every faith in this technique.

1. Gentle hair colouring

Contrary to classic permanent hair colouring, tone-on-tone does not oxidise the hair and it does not contain ammonia. This means your hair is less likely to be damaged and weakened as a result. Not only that, it also adds pretty highlights to your hair which gradually fade as you wash it, generally after six to eight weeks.

2. A quick application

Tone-on-tone hair colouring requires less precision when applied and has a reduced application time of 20 minutes compared with 35 to 40 minutes for classic hair colouring. Several products sold in supermarkets allow you to easily create this effect at home. However, if you wish to achieve optimum results, make an appointment at your hair salon. Your hairdresser will be able to suggest a perfect personalised shade for your hair colour. Furthermore, tone-on-tone, otherwise known as the Gloss treatment at Jean Louis David, is carried out by a professional and lasts longer (between two and three weeks).

3. Highlights and no grey hairs

This semi-permanent hair colouring presents two other advantages besides shiny highlights. It hides your roots and perfectly covers any first signs of grey hair. However, if you have several grey hairs, you must resort to permanent hair colouring to blend them in.

How can I maintain tone-on-tone hair colouring?

Use shampoos and targeted treatments specifically formulated for coloured hair such as products from Jean Louis David’s Color Therapy Range. Their formula hydrates the hair fibre and allows pigment to fix more effectively onto the natural hair colour. The result: your hair’s radiant shine lasts for longer and dry hair is nothing but a long distant memory.

To summarise, if your hair is natural and you have hardly any or no grey hairs at all, semi-permanent tone-on-tone hair colouring is a great way to unify your hair colour by adding beautiful highlights.