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Hair colouring glossary
Hair colouring glossary
Hair colouring glossary
Hair colouring

Temporary, tone-on-tone, permanent: your hair colouring glossary


It is sometimes complicated when you find yourself surrounded by hairdressing terms. Today, discover those which define different hair colouring techniques. Using these explanations, learn to differentiate between them and choose the one which suits you the best!

Temporary colouring

This technique is the most commonly used in the salon. It gradually washes out and holds for around 6 to 8 weeks. Generally, it ages very well with time. It can make your hair lighter or darker. Ideally, choose a tone close to your base colour (one to three tones maximum), thus guaranteeing a natural and sophisticated result. Furthermore, if you wish to keep your radiant colour long term, use treatments specifically designed for use at home.

Tone-on-tone colouring

Also called semi-permanent colouring, it uses ammonia. Contrary to permanent colouring, it skips the bleaching step. At Jean Louis David, this technique is called a Gloss treatment. It covers your hair, preserving the same colour. It is best for boosting your hair's shine, giving it luminous highlights or getting back a colour which has tarnished. If you wish, you can also get a 100% transparent Gloss treatment, which will instantly boost your hair's shine.

Permanent colouring

This is irreversible. It allows you to radically and permanently change your hair colour or completely cover up white hair. After this treatment, the only way to get back your natural colour is to let it grow out. Furthermore, this hair colouring causes the obvious 'roots effect' which is not very attractive. Therefore, go to your hairdressers every 4 to 6 weeks to carry out any touch ups on your hair's regrowth.

Finally, whichever colouring technique you choose, always consider maintaining your hair with products from the Color Therapy Range. You will preserve your hair's vitality for days, with a radiant colour which lasts long term.

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