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The short bowl cut, this season's boyish trend

Are you dreaming of having a chic, short haircut, or perhaps you’d like to reinvent a short hairstyle you’ve had for a while? Try a short bowl cut, if you dare! This haircut was made popular a few years ago by Victoria Beckham in particular and it’s now brought into the spotlight by the new spring-summer Jean Louis David 2021 collection. This boyish crop will bring elegance and a unique touch to your look!

Jean Louis David’s take on the short bowl cut

Perfect for women of all ages, this endlessly reproducible cut highlights the shape of the face. The short bowl cut gives the hair some roundness and a sense of volume (but not too much). For this new season Jean Louis David has reinvented the bowl cut with a full, graphic fringe at the front and a boyish cut at the back, with sharply drawn sides for a very chic result!


Will the short bowl cut suit me?

If you have fine hair, the bowl cut is an ideal way to give your hair a little volume! If you have wavy hair, don’t go too short, so your curls can still bring some movement to your hair. And if you have a square or round face, or very thick hair, it’s best to go for a longer, rounded bob.

How should I style a short haircut?

For the daytime, opt for a simple blow-dry, smooth or more unstructured, for a graceful look with minimal effort. To highlight your short haircut for a glamourous evening out, try the Wet Look effect, which is very on trend this season. Apply a small amount of Jean Louis David Design Gel Go Style through the length of the hair, slick it down and voila!

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This article inspired you?

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