The pros give their verdict on multiple ponytails

Models strutted their stuff down the Byblos autumn-winter 2014-2015 runway with quite an unusual hairstyle; multiple ponytails. So, we thought we’d share with you the advice from our pros, and give you some winter wonderland inspiration!
For this hairstyle, you really need to have thick hair. ‘Long hair is a good start, however your locks should be thick and healthy to nail this trend. The bigger the better!’
Although your hair should be thick in texture, you don’t need super long hair to style this look. ‘Don’t worry if your ponytails are shorter than those seen on the runway. The Byblos models more than likely used clip-in extensions to create their ultra-long lengths. You can copy the look, section for section, by clipping in your own extensions where you need more volume and thickness’.
This style takes precision. ‘Separate your locks into three different sections horizontally across your head. The first section should work with the crown area of hair. Create a high parting from the top of the left ear to the opposite side. The next section should start from the middle point of your ears, and the last section from the lower lobe. Comb and straighten each section perfectly to ensure your ponytails look neat and groomed. This will also help prevent any sliding action throughout the day’.
Our advice: To make sure your new look stays in place all day long, prep your hair with styling product. To get a slicked-back look, opt for a gel or serum. If you prefer a high-shine finish, why not give Shine Spray a go?
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