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The origami ponytail
The origami ponytail
The origami ponytail
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The origami ponytail

Giving your ponytail a hint of personality takes time and inspiration. Luckily, the Fendi runway hairstyles have given us the perfect way to style our ponytail into something that extra bit interesting. Inspired by the art of origami, folding paper, this look is graphic and features abstract shapes.
The Fendi catwalk hairstyle may at first seem complicated to create, however this is not the case at all. Simply set your alarm 5 minutes earlier than you usually would, to make sure you have enough time! The runway show revolved around travel and adventure, taking inspiration from Asian traditions and cultures. Origami, the art of folding paper into various forms, was the main source of inspiration behind the geometric hairstyles sent down the runway.
To create this ponytail, it’s better to have long, straight hair. Start by creating one parting to the right and one to the left. In between these two separate partings, create another central line. You should now have two sections of hair on top of your head. Bring the right section over to the left side, and vice versa. Next, take the hair from below these two sections (right above the ears) and pull backwards, securing into a low-slung ponytail. Try to make sure these two outer sections stay firmly in place so that a clear distinction is made between each different section. Tie tightly with an elastic, then hide with a piece of hair. Keep in mind that your hair should resemble the rear and sides of the look pictured above. Complete the hairstyle with a layer of hairspray to give your origami-esque look some serious staying power.
© Pixelformula / Fendi prêt-à-porter runway, Autumn-Winter 2014-2015 © Jean Louis David
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