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The moustache is back
The moustache is back
The moustache is back

The moustache is back

We thought it was dead it buried, but no. The moustache is making a comeback! Just like the grizzly beard. This facial style is going from old-fashioned to on-trend and is perfect for men looking for more natural facial hair. Here's how to get the perfect moustache.
The moustache version 2013. After spending a while on the sidelines, the moustache is making a comeback! The post-war period saw men shave off the moustaches they had long been wearing in favour of smooth, soft skin. It's only in the last few years that the moustache has started to pop up again. In 2013, men are after a more natural style and the moustache offers a trendy look. Facial hair styles, just like certain hairstyles, are becoming fashion phenomena. Though some men prefer to opt for original moustaches, the 2013 version of the moustache is short and neat, like the Americans do it!
How to create an American moustache. The American moustache is ultra-clean. It starts above the lips and stops at the nose. After letting your moustache grow for a short while, trim the edges with a razor. Get rid of any hairs growing past the corners of your mouth. For a nice and neat moustache, comb your hairs with a comb or moustache brush. Even out the hairs and cut off any that are creeping over your lips or the sides. This version of the moustache should be worn short. Use a bit of gel to hold it in place. Once it's created, trim it every two or three days depending on how quickly it grows and the effect you're after.
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Find all salons that realize a SPEED BRUSH, Sa SPEED CURL or a SPEED UP DO