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Find out how to wear this haircut in 2017.
Find out how to wear this haircut in 2017.

The comeback of the mullet

Formerly idolised, yet often condemned or mocked, the mullet haircut is one that people either love or hate. An iconic hairstyle of the 80s, it has reinvented itself this season, emerging as a must-have trend. We take a closer look at this huge come-back.

The mullet haircut consists of short hair at the front and long hair at the back. This contrast in lengths gives you an unusual, bold rock & roll look. This is without doubt one of the oldest known haircuts in the world. Archaeological finds confirm that it was worn back in Ancient Greece.

The mullet haircut over the decades

It is impossible to talk about the mullet without thinking of the 80s. At the time, it was very popular amongst celebrities such as the singer David Bowie, characters from the MacGyver series and the players in the German national football team. At the start of the noughties, it made a sensational comeback with the Tecktonik movement. Teens started to get the look, only to drop it just as quickly. In 2013, the mullet haircut had a more or less successful comeback... Yet it was still sported by A-list stars such as Rihanna, Scarlett Johansson and Sandra Bullock. Then in 2016, it finally emerged as a strong trend, by making an appearance at the Giambattista Valli Fall-Winter Fashion Show during Paris Fashion Week.

How should you rock it in 2017?

What's your main aim? To avoid falling into the uncool trap. To get a fashionable look, get inspiration from the Giambattista Valli fashion show and wear your haircut with straightened locks, avoiding an overly obvious contrast between lengths. Plus, you can combine it with a curtain fringe which will harmonise the whole look and frame your face in an ideal way. This haircut also looks beautiful on wavy or curly hair.

Our advice. Although this haircut seems quite simple, it requires professional skill to create it. This is to avoid an imbalance in lengths giving you disproportionate volume on the top of your head and strands which are overly thinned out.


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