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The comb hair slide
The comb hair slide
The comb hair slide
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The comb hair slide

Hair accessories give a simple hairstyle the touch of originality it’s missing. Scarf, headband, jewellery... The choices are endless! This season we will be seeing the return of one retro hair accessory: the comb hair slide.
The idea. The comb hair slide is a practical and decorative hair accessory featuring long teeth and fancy details on the visible section. These details might be diamantes, pearls, florals, pretty shapes and even birds! Basically anything to make the comb hair slide glamorous, girly and, sometimes, even romantic. The comb slide’s teeth, which are hidden by your hair, can also be used to hold hair back.
For who? For those of you who want to add a retro edge to your hairstyle without having to spend hours on end doing so! Here, the accessory is all you need. Simply slide it into your hair for an instantly chic, ultra-feminine touch. Today the comb hair slide is not just for brides on their wedding day, but can be adapted to any style. Rock, bohemian, princess... It’s all about the way you wear it and the model you choose. A swallow for a bohemian touch, black metal for a rock chick effect and lots of pearls to feel like a pretty princess.
How to wear the comb hair slide. The comb hair slide should be worn on long, loose hair or with an up-do. It will also work on a full bob cut, as well as mid-length hair. Avoid if you have short hair. Work waves through long, cascading hair and slide the comb into the style at ear level, a subtle way of holding a piece of hair back. With an up-do, place it into a French roll or a low ponytail, again at ear level for added style!
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Find all salons that realize a SPEED BRUSH, Sa SPEED CURL or a SPEED UP DO