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Streetstyle: get the perfect blow-dry with Speed Brush
Streetstyle: get the perfect blow-dry with Speed Brush
Streetstyle: get the perfect blow-dry with Speed Brush
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Streetstyle: get the perfect blow-dry with Speed Brush

Jean Louis David salons have created the new Style Bar service. For just 15 euros, and 15 minutes of your time, a stylist can transform your hair into a beautifully straight blow-dry. Whether you want super-straight locks or a soft finish, simply ask your stylist and let them do the work. Head down to your nearest salon to see for yourself!
Her hair. Her hair is perfectly coiffed into an immaculate blow-dry look, thanks to the new Speed Brush service. Our streetstyle wearer today was off to a big meeting and wanted to look groomed and professional. To do so, she headed straight to her Jean Louis David salon during her lunch hour to take advantage of the new speedy service available. In just 15 minutes, she left the salon with the perfect blow-dry style. Make like our streetstyle pick today and arrive at the salon with clean hair so that your stylist can create your desired look. Whether you choose Speed Brush, Speed Curl or Speed Up-Do, you’re guaranteed a beautiful result.
Her look. A chic-rock look. She’s opted for leather trousers and a lightweight white T-shirt. On her feet are a pair of on-trend, nude high heel sandals. To keep the evening breeze at bay, a belted lamé jacket cinches her in at the waist. Finally, a statement handbag allows her to organise her business work and personal belongings with ease.
Tip of the day. You can say goodbye to those mornings spent worrying about how to style your hair for an important business meeting. Relax and simply turn up at your closest Jean Louis David salon. Your stylist is there to help and create the blow-dry of your dreams in just 15 short minutes! Hassle-free hair at its finest!
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