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Streetstyle: crimped hair
Streetstyle: crimped hair
Streetstyle: crimped hair
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Streetstyle: crimped hair

Intentionally frizzy and wavy hairstyles tend to become more popular during summertime. Your tanned skin and shiny hair are literally calling out for a funky, individual hairstyle. Why not take inspiration from the 80s and try out crimped hair? Our streetstyle pick shows us how it’s done.
Her hair. Her hair has a certain schoolgirl charm to it. When you were younger, you may have been used to sleeping in plaits all night long to reveal curls in the morning, however, today there are various hair styling tools available to make light work of curly, and even crimped hair. Our streetstyle pick today has opted for a crimping iron to create this zig-zag effect. Although she has crimped her locks from root to tip, we’d advise you to stick to crimping your mid-lengths to avoid your style becoming top-heavy.
Her look. Her outfit is mainly made up of black pieces. Black skinny jeans and a matching T-shirt with a white lace overlay form the basis of her look. Black ankle boots and a longline gilet keep her looking both warm and stylish. A statement oversize leather tote is perfect for carrying all of her essentials for her day out.
Tip of the day. Be sure to protect your hair by preparing it prior to crimping. Ideally, your hair should be dry before using your crimpers and protected with a heat-defence cream or spray. For best results, use small sections of hair rather than larger ones.
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Find all salons that realize a SPEED BRUSH, Sa SPEED CURL or a SPEED UP DO