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Spotlight on Lift Color
Spotlight on Lift Color

Spotlight on Lift Color

New seasons bring trendy new haircuts and colours. At Jean Louis David, autumn-winter 2013 is all about Lift Color. We take a look at this colouring technique.
The dip-dye has been around for a few years now and is still very much in Vogue today. “At Jean Louis David, we’ve created a new colour in the same vein as the dip-dye, but the other way round. Instead of light ends and dark roots, Lift Color turns it upside down. The roots are lighter than the ends.”
“With the Lift Color, the lightening is gradual from bottom to top. At the salon, this technique is generally used on medium to light bases. The stylist uses a 2-in-1 technique in the hair and Contrast on the roots.”
The Lift Color can be used on all lengths of hair. “The most important thing is not the length of the hair but the layering. Layers are essential in bringing out the different shades of colour within the hair. The changes in tone are very gradual for a natural result.”
Our tip: at home, use products designed for coloured hair. This will help the colour stay radiant for longer. After washing your hair with products for coloured hair, use a treatment, again for coloured hair. Something to hydrate your hair and help the colour last longer.
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