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 Magic mirror on the wall, I'm going to the Speed Up-Do
Magic mirror on the wall, I'm going to the Speed Up-Do
Magic mirror on the wall, I'm going to the Speed Up-Do
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Speed Up-Do, style me a bun !


The bun is not just worn at weddings. Busy night? A date? It's your birthday and you want to surprise your guests? Or is it just the urge to give a go to a hairstyle you do not usually do for lack of time, dexterity or adapted material? Well, here's the solution: the Speed Up-Do service at Jean Louis David's Style Bar!
In only 15 minutes and for 15 euros, your stylist can mount a perfect bun on all types of hair. The Speed Up-Do service guarantees a sophisticated, rock or glamorous look, at any time of the day! The bun of your dreams can be yours very quick. The only condition is to arrive with clean hair.
How does it work? Just go to your Jean Louis David salon. Ask your stylist for the Speed Up-Do service, and tell him what kind of bun you want. If you have no idea in mind, no worries! Your stylist is there to advise. Why not go for the braided dancer or the asymmetric bun, two flagship styles from the Jean Louis David Autumn-Winter 2017/2018 collection called "Iconic"?

For the first one, your stylist draws a side braid. He then constructs a very bulky ballerina bun around which he wraps the plaited braid. To add a natural and wild effect, he then pulls a few strands out the bun and works on the material. Perfect sometimes lies within imperfection...

For the second hairdo, your stylist forms a turban over your forehead out of the front of your hair. He then gathers your hair to a ponytail over your ear, and winds it on itself to form a cylindrical bun. The lengths fall naturally on the side, providing a hairstyle full of character.
Smile, you deserve to proudly wear an impeccable hair thanks to the Speed Up-Do Service!

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