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Haircuts and colouring: transform your look for autumn!
Haircuts and colouring: transform your look for autumn!
Haircuts and colouring: transform your look for autumn!

September 2017: changing your look for autumn


Have you had enough of your haircut, hair colour or even both? Here are 4 ways you can transform your look this autumn.

Opt for the nude hair technique to boost your colour ...

THE on trend colouring technique of the season: nude hair is a chance to gently change your look whilst revealing the potential of your base colour. Whether you are blonde, brunette or a redhead, you can choose this personalised tone-on-tone colouring technique to boost your highlights and transform your look just enough to enhance your original shade.

... or platinum blonde for a radical change

Also feel free to lighten your hair with platinum blonde which is still highly on trend for Fall-Winter 2017-2018 (Cara Delevingne has kept hers!). This blonde, verging on white, can't be beaten for adding character to both short and long locks.

Be careful, however, it is more suited to paler complexions and lighter locks. The reason for this is that if you are brunette, you will not only have to bleach your hair several times, but it also risks dulling your complexion.

Go for a bob for a highly on-trend cut

The appeal of short hair is no longer just for summer. If you haven't given in to a short haircut during the summer months, it is definitely time to try a bob haircut. After falling in love with its mid-length version, it is the ultra-short ear-length bob's turn to seduce us. So, why not ask your hairdresser for a blunt bob for a highly on-trend new look?

Opt for a fringe- a must-have look this season

Fringes are continuing to steal the limelight with elaborate front sections, whether they be long falling just below the eyebrows or ultra-short for the most daring amongst us. They have the advantage of reinventing any haircut with a simple chop and they allow you to keep your current hair length whilst adding structure. Why not add a new twist to your famous on-trend short bob for the ultimate autumnal look?

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