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Red hair

Red hair: how to boost your colour?

Whether natural or coloured, red hair is fragile and its colour deserves being pampered to preserve its array of shades. We take a look at 5 ways you can boost your red locks.

Henna shampoo to preserve the colour

Even though specific treatments for redheads do not exist, it is out of the question to use just any old product for maintaining your red locks. Opt for a henna shampoo which will protect your colour’s pigments and will make your pretty highlights stand out. If you use this treatment you are guaranteed to have a more intense red for longer! If your hair is coloured, use it as a complement to your targeted coloured hair treatments.

A pigmented treatment to revive your highlights

To enhance your red hair or to revive the varying shades of coloured locks, regularly use a treatment enriched with pigments, such as Jean Louis David’s copper colour enhancer. Perfect for reviving highlights, with this product you can say goodbye to dull reds and say hello to copper tones!

Highlights to add more light

Lighter strands are also possible if you have dark, copper or flaming red locks. Perfect for adding depth and movement, you simply need to choose a tone to go with your base colour, not dramatically contrasting blondes or browns. Are you wondering which highlights to go for ? Your colourist will opt for strands slightly lighter than your base so they are in the same tonal range as the rest of your hair. This will create a natural and elegant lightening effect in your locks. However, if your colour is verging on pure red, opt for cherry or garnet which will add more depth to your hair, without ruining your original colour.

A Gloss treatment for maximum shine

The minor drawback of having red hair is that it is quick to turn dull. To preserve the intensity of its colour and shine, ask for the Gloss treatment in the salon . This exclusive Jean Louis David tone-on-tone colouring treatment can be applied to red locks whether they are natural or coloured. It acts like a varnish, boosting the colour and shine of your hair. It gradually fades without the ‘obvious roots’ effect for a more vibrant red for longer.

This article inspired you?

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