Which kinds of highlights suit red hair?

Is your red hair going dull? Do you wish to give your hair colour, natural or otherwise, a radiant shine boost? Opt for highlights which will add light reflection and depth to your locks.

Your hair colour can become dull if it has lacklustre pigments, or if you have a boring block colour. By adding a few lightened strands in the form of highlights, you can add depth to restore its radiant shine. The tricky part is finding the ideal shade to enhance your natural or coloured red hair. Only a professional colourist will be in a position to get the balance right.

Light red highlights in auburn hair

As your red hair is very dark, the colourist will give you understated highlights which are a tone lighter than your base colour, to add depth to your hair and get a very natural result.

Bold streaks in flaming red locks

If your colour is verging on scarlet, the professional colourist will add depth to your base colour with warm, cherry or garnet hues. These highlights will back up the intensity of your colour whilst restoring shine to your locks.

Blond highlights in strawberry blond hair

With this delicate colour, partway between blond and red, light streaks are perfect for making your locks catch the light. To make sure that the blond highlights do not completely swamp the red in your hair and tone down your original colour, the colourist will add in honey or caramel highlights for a subtle sun-kissed effect.