Protecting your hair from pollution

Those of us who live in the city bear the brunt of pollution. Exhaust fumes, smoke, steam, stress… Pollution is a combination of factors that can damage our hair as well as our general state of health. And as our hair is a reflection of our health, we need to protect it!
Don’t think that washing your hair more often will make it more resistant to pollution. Quite the opposite. The more you wash it, the more fragile it becomes. “If your hair is already sensitive, repeated washing will make it even weaker. Washing your hair rids it off the barrier that allows it to defend itself.” So try and limit your hair washes. Two (or three maximum) times a week will do.
When your hair is subject to the effects of pollution, it suffers the consequences. “The result is that your hair either becomes dull or more likely to break. This is why, a few years ago now, we created the Urban Care range. Designed for city girls, this range protects hair from external factors thanks to its UV filters and the many vitamins it contains.” An effective, day-to-day solution to protect your hair from the city’s external stresses.
If you hair is still suffering the effects of pollution, use treatments designed for your hair’s state. If pollution tends to leave it looking dull, go for products that restore shine, such as serums. “For dry hair, hydrate using nourishing masks and shampoos. Finally, if your hair is particularly sensitive to external aggressions, use styling products or leave-in products with effects that last all day.”
Our tip: Another solution to protect your hair from pollution is hair accessories! Why not try a trilby or a borsalino to keep your hair looking trendy. Or a scarf. “You don’t have to wear it all the time, but have it handy for those times when you need to protect your hair.”

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