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Pregnancy: what effect does it have on your hair?
Pregnancy: what effect does it have on your hair?

Pregnancy: what effect does it have on your hair?

When you’re pregnant, your body changes. But that’s not all. Your hair changes too! Find out what to expect, during and after pregnancy, and prepare yourself for all of these changes.
During pregnancy, your hair generally looks better than ever! It’s a period when women have more hormones, which makes hair looks healthier and shinier. Your hair gets stronger.” So you don’t necessarily have to use any special products. Simply choose shampoos and treatments to match your hair’s condition or your hair type.
On the other hand, if you like to have your hair coloured, permed or straightened (Brazilian or Japanese), you’re going to have to cut back a bit. “We strongly advise against these services, especially during the first three months. Your baby is still only at the embryonic stage, so it’s best to avoid such treatments. The products themselves aren’t necessarily the problem, it’s the fumes the colour gives off, for example.” If you can’t live without your colour treatment, go for ammonia-free colours or stick to temporary colours that wash out after a few weeks.
Visit your hairdresser a few weeks before you’re due to give birth. Firstly to pamper yourself and unwind, but also to look after your haircut. After you give birth it will be difficult to find time for yourself! “So prepare for this with a good haircut before your baby arrives. That way, even if you don’t have time to treat yourself over the following months, you’ll still have a good base.”
The downside begins two or three months after giving birth. As your hormone levels fall, you might find your hair starts to fall out, it could be a little or a lot. “Discuss it with your doctor who will be able to prescribe special treatments or simply recommend dietary supplements.” But don’t panic, this phase won’t last long and your hair will grow back!
Our tip: Massage your scalp during pregnancy. To encourage micro-circulation and to help you de-stress. Continue this after you’ve given birth in order to limit hair loss, which can be caused by a lack of oxygen to the scalp.
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