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See dry shampoo in a new light.
See dry shampoo in a new light.

Preconceptions about dry shampoo

You have probably heard all kinds of contradictory opinions about dry shampoo. It is about time we untangled the truth from the misconceptions and set the record straight about this product.

Dry shampoo is solely for greasy hair

Not at all. Although dry shampoo is extremely effective for dealing with roots that are quick to go greasy, it can also be used to freshen up your locks between washes, whatever your hair type.

Dry shampoo weighs the hair down

False. Despite everything you may hear, dry shampoo does not weigh your hair down. On the contrary, when used as a styling product, it coats the hair fibre and texturizes it. The result is that it gives your hair XXL volume which defies the laws of gravity. This alternative use for the product is sure to delight those with flat hair.

Dry shampoo leaves white residue at the roots

Yes and no. Although the first generation of dry shampoos could potentially leave your hair with a dusting of white, new formulae for this product have been designed to overcome this problem. However, you should still follow the instructions for use. Do not apply excessive amount of product at the roots, otherwise the residue will be extremely difficult to dislodge.

Dry shampoo can be used as a substitute for classic shampoo

Absolutely not. Dry shampoo is a temporary fix and can in no way replace traditional shampoo. This product absorbs excess sebum but it does not rid your locks of impurities and pollution. If you use this product to excess, you could without realising it prevent your scalp from breathing, so be sure not to overdo it.


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