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New hat in town: the beret
New hat in town: the beret
New hat in town: the beret
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New hat in town: the beret

The round, flat beret isn’t your average hat and has more room inside with a larger surface area. We always associate berets with the French, however more and more women are wearing the beret to add style to their look, keep their heads warm and protect their hair from the sun’s rays. The beret is going to be this season’s must-have hat. So, should you ditch your regular hats? Read on to find out.
Beret style 2014. We’re betting you haven’t tried wearing the beret as part of your everyday look and have shied away from this classic French look. Previously, hats acted as a focal point for outfits in both summer and winter. Today, the beret is here to stay and is attracting more fans by the minute. This time, however, they’re in plain simple colours, easy to wear and are super-feminine.
Ditch your regular hats? Not exactly. But regular hats are gradually starting to go out of fashion and you’ll see them being worn less and less. In fact, the beret is great as it allows our hair to breathe thanks to the extra headroom, and can be worn on loose or tied-up hair, unlike the standard hat. Traditionally worn in winter, the beret works with many different hairstyles. Wear it at your preferred angle to suit your look. So, don’t wave goodbye to your regular hats just yet, but welcome the beret with open arms to update your look.
How to wear the beret. If you wear your hair loose, you can wear the beret any way you like: to the front or at the back of the head (similar to the 80s style), any angle will do. The same goes if your hair is styled into a chignon or a classic low-slung ponytail. If you’re wearing your hair to the side, however, make sure you beret sits on the side of your head to keep your style intact.
© Pixelformula / Ralph Lauren prêt-à-porter runway, Spring-Summer 2013 © Jean Louis David
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