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New collection: what are the new products from Jean Louis David?

Our expert breaks down the latest Jean Louis David hair treatment creations. Find out if they are perfect for you.

What are these new products?

“We have decided to remove the Ultimate Color Leave-In Treatment milk from the Color Therapy range. We have replaced it with a 10 in 1 treatment. This new treatment really has got everything going for it as it is both effective and comprehensive. It prolongs the effect of hair colouring long term. It facilitates detangling and styling. It also adds softness and shine to your hair, whilst protecting it from UV rays. Finally, it nourishes and deeply repairs the hair fibre .

“This leave-in 10 in 1 treatment is to be applied to damp, wrung out hair.”

Luis Faria, expert Jean Louis David

“Furthermore, we offer 3 colour boosters to add maximum shine to coloured hair. Their aim: to instantly revive the colour pigments. The chocolate version is specifically designed for dark coloured hair . The copper coloured one is perfect for average bases. Finally, the golden booster adapts to hair colours ranging from blond to light brown. Their effects roughly last for one week. Integrate them immediately into your hair routine and always use them when you shampoo your hair.”

Our advice. Also try out the Color Therapy range at the salon. Your hairdresser will add active ingredients for an even more intense result. It will also personalise your treatment to prolong your coloured hair’s shine.

Who are they for?

“For people with coloured hair only. Hair colouring is a big market: it applies to 16 million French women, representing 61% of women in France. We therefore wanted to respond to their needs, by formulating products and perfecting them even more. The Color Therapy range is one of our reference ranges, which we wish to constantly improve.”

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This article inspired you?

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