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Men: is 2015 the end of the beard?

So gentlemen, should you have a beard or not this winter? Our expert breaks down this trend and gives you his advice on how to show off this style, which is still considered to be one of the best.

The beard: a safe bet

“It will never really be the end of the beard. Of course, trends go out of fashion… However several men go for this look and consider growing a beard long term. In fact, it doesn’t matter where you go, you will definitely find a man with the beginnings of a beard, a 3 day beard or a hipster style thick beard. Why does it still appeal? Because it instantly adorns your face and enhances your look, giving it character”.

“The beard will always be a success as it represents a particular style which tends to become a classic”.

Luis Faria

A look which is less on trend in 2015

“Even so, the beard is currently becoming a thing of the past. It isn’t seen as much and is less popular than a few months ago when this style was a massive hit. This season, when you look at fashion magazines or great designers’ inspiration: almost all of the men no longer have a beard. Yes, the current trend is to be beardless! We still find that some people are resistant to not having a beard and they opt for a shorter, thinner and a highly discreet version of the beard.”

A closer look at the new Jean Louis David muse!

For the Autumn-Winter 2015/2016 collection, we have also chosen a beardless model, contrary to previous seasons. In fact, our Spring-Summer 2015 inspiration had a long beard which gave him a very strong image. Therefore we wish to have a radical change to create an element of surprise. This season, we have opted for a young model onto which we can easily project an image to make him stand out. Due to his rather neutral appearance, we can imagine giving him different styles according to his hairstyle: bad boy, top class, rock or dandy”.

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This article inspired you?

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