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Men: looking after a 3-day beard
Men: looking after a 3-day beard

Men: looking after a 3-day beard

Beards are most certainly back. With no need to leave it to grow for months at a time, the 3-day beard also does the trick. Here’s how to keep it looking great.
To get your 3-day beard, simply let it grow… for 3 days! “This budding beard is 3 to 4 millimetres long. To get that rugged look yet remain stylish, you need to look after it.” This trendy beard is particularly flattering for angular faces and slimming for round faces.
To trim it properly, use clippers with different guides. Choose the guide to suit the length you’re after. There is something for everyone, from the shortest to even the longest of beards. “For the areas that are more difficult to get to, such as around the lips or below the nose, it’s best to take the guide off. That way you’ll achieve a better trim.”
To look after your 3-day beard, leave it to grow for three days then trim. “Take your clippers and run them through your beard against the direction of growth. This will give you even-length stubble across the whole beard area.”
If you have sensitive skin, the 3-day beard is also made for you. Avoiding shaving every day is kinder to your skin and will reduce redness. “Remember to clean your clippers regularly to get rid of any bacteria that might have become embedded in them. The clippers themselves also need to be looked after.”
Our tip: Men can also use clippers to trim their eyebrows. For a natural trim, eyebrows should be between 6 and 7 millimetres long.
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