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Choosing the right hair clippers
Choosing the right hair clippers

Choosing the right hair clippers

No need for your man to go to the hairdresser’s if he has a good pair of hair clippers and as long as he knows how to use them properly. But just like your precious straighteners or curling tongs, hair clippers should not be chosen lightly. Here are some criteria to consider before splashing the cash.
The first thing you need to look at is the number of grades included with the clippers. “The more there are, the easier it is to create your cut and adjust the length you’re after. These grades come in the shape of a comb and there may be up to 8 included, depending on the model.”
Another essential is the guard. Most hair clippers today will come with one anyway, but it’s good to know how useful it is! “The guard helps you guide your movements and stops you from cutting the hair too short, unless of course your man wants to shave his head, in which case he doesn’t need one.” The guard is either part of the comb or is interchangeable. Remember, the shorter the comb, the shorter the cut.
Don’t forget to check how powerful the clippers are. Your man will need more powerful clippers the longer his hair is.
Another thing to think about is the power supply. If he tends to travel a lot, go for rechargeable cordless clippers. You’ll also need to check that the battery life is long enough for him to cut his hair in one go, in other words at least 30 minutes. “Cordless hair clippers are also really easy to manoeuvre. He’ll no longer be limited by a short wire!” If you’re after hair clippers with a cord, however, make sure the cord is long enough for ease of use (3 metres is a good start).
Finally, look carefully at accessories. You might mistake some accessories as being optional when actually they could be very useful. “Combs and scissors can be very useful when it comes to finishing the cut, or even during the cut itself. For example, if your other half has quite long hair, he might want to use the comb to hold his hair in the air to make way for the clippers.” The other accessory to have to hand, even though it’s not often provided with hair clippers, is a mirror, or mirrors. We recommend two mirrors, that way he’s got every angle covered and can spot any hairs he’s missed!

Our tip: To avoid slip-ups or bad surprises, he should always start by creating a cut longer than he is after, and then gradually shorten it until he reaches the desired length.

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