Layering and thinning: what are the differences?

It is a well-known fact, life is much easier if you speak the same language as your hairstylist to prevent any major disappointments at the salon. To achieve this, Jean Louis David is going to help you better understand two commonly confused cutting techniques: layering and thinning.

Would you like your hair to be layered or thinned? This is a question that should not be taken lightly in the salon. Depending on your answer, the result will be completely different. To make sure you make the right choice, here is your very own mini styling handbook.

Layering hair to boost volume

Layering is a technique which consists of gradually cutting certain sections shorter than others to create an illusion of natural density. It is a real sculpting technique which takes into account proportions and gives structure to your hair’s volume.

Who is it for? People with fine hair who dream of having voluminous locks like a Hollywood star, no matter what their hair length. To a lesser extent, those with thick hair may also benefit from layers to balance out the volume.

The advantages of layering: it creates more movement and volume whilst preserving the hair’s length. It is ideal for creating a new look that is not overly drastic.

Thinning to reduce volume

A completely opposite technique, thinning allows you to thin out the hair and reduce volume using notched scissors. The main point it has in common with layers is the precise technique that it requires.

Who is it for? Those who have ultra-thick locks. Thinning is more often than not for short haircuts, unlike layering which is also suited to long hair. It is worth noting that this technique is not recommended for ultra-fine or damaged locks, as it risks thinning your hair out even more.

The advantages of thinning: it makes your hair as soft and as light as air. It is the ideal way to say goodbye to that helmet hair look which those with thick hair so often dread.

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