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Our advice for looking your best when wearing a hat.
Our advice for looking your best when wearing a hat.
Our advice for looking your best when wearing a hat.

Keep your hair looking good under your hat


In winter, wearing a hat can cause your hair to look greasy, clingy due to static electricity or dishevelled. But don't worry, there are solutions so you can stay looking your best in all circumstances. From treatments and hairstyles to top tips, we have taken a closer look.

Treatments to use

Although they protect your hair from the cold, hats can also leave your locks prone to damage . When you wear a woollen, knitted or cotton hat, your hair can get damaged by constant rubbing. As a result it can dry out and become clingy due to static electricity. The aim, then, is to reinforce the hair fibre during winter by using moisturising and repairing treatments on a daily basis, such as those from the Keratin Therapy range . Finally, just before you put your hat on, apply a small amount of nourishing serum to coat your hair, protect it and boost its shine.

Hairstyles to go for

Tying your hair back is the best way of keeping your hair looking good whilst wearing a hat. To feel comfortable all day long, opt for cornrows (braids flat against the head) which are very much on trend for 2016 . Another solution: go for a bun or a ponytail tied at the nape of your neck. If you prefer wearing your hair down, opt for the wavy effect which can be de-styled slightly without looking dishevelled, unlike sleek blow-dried locks .

Top tips to follow

By covering your head, your hat can smother the scalp. As a result, the scalp produces excess sebum which makes the hair greasy. To ensure that your hair is fresh and soft again after you have taken off your hat, spray dry shampoo 10 cm away from your hair to control how much you use. Then brush your locks or lift your hair at the roots using your fingers. This quick technique is brilliant for giving a boost to your hair, anywhere.

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