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Jean Louis David's on-trend looks for spring-summer 2015
Jean Louis David's on-trend looks for spring-summer 2015
Jean Louis David's on-trend looks for spring-summer 2015
Styles and trends

Jean Louis David's on-trend looks for spring-summer 2015

Discover our pro’s top tips and advice on Spring-Summer 2015’s hottest hairstyle looks. Your mantra this season should be all about well-groomed, uber glossy and voluminous styles!
For the new season, the bob is more on trend than ever before. ‘Opt for the retro model with subtle layers that are rounded to the face. This version should feature plenty of volume at the roots. Lengths can be worn in waves whilst your hair color should be fresh and radiant...just like the season. Thanks to the versatility of this look, you can play around with different shapes and textures quite easily. Tuck your hair behind your ears one day with your ends flicked out, while the next you can try the chic wet-look bob that is super-straight, damp and slicked backwards’.
Shorter hairstyles are also big news for Spring-Summer. ‘These styles have been on-trend all through winter but are still just as current now as ever. Perfect your look by playing with different lengths. There should be a noticeable difference between the length of the hair at the front of your style and the shorter sections at the rear. Nail the look by opting for shorter layers at the rear and sides with a longer section nearer the front. Women with short hair can also mix up their style by opting for a rebel-inspired, daring look that is both soft and voluminous. Or, choose a sweet and innocent look that is sophisticated with messy charm’.
Finally, long hair is still going strong, so don’t panic! ‘Luscious curls are an absolute must for spring this year; mid-length and longer locks are the idea length. Try out a 70s inspired mane of gorgeous’ll need to master your blow-dry technique however. This oversized hairstyle will instantly give you that irresistible babydoll look. If curls aren’t your thing, opt for super-straight locks and secure into a half ponytail’.
Our advice: Incorporate products from within the Volume Therapy range into your haircare routine. Before styling, apply Foamer & Texture to damp hair. This will instantly add body and movement to your style, allowing you to get more height and volume.
© Jean Louis David
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