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How to wear the baseball cap this winter
How to wear the baseball cap this winter
How to wear the baseball cap this winter
Styles and trends

How to wear the baseball cap this winter


You’ve long categorised the baseball cap as a summer or sports accessory, but today this hat has become an accessory in its own right, as you’ll have noticed with the baker boy hat - a must-have for any trendy style!


Choosing your baseball cap. The baseball cap has been reinvented so it is a lot less casual. It comes in different shapes and materials, which means there’s something for everyone. This autumn-winter, we’ve seen a leather version at Loewe, a velvet version at Kenzo and a two-material version at Max Mara. It has kept its original form but can also be more rounded or slightly raised on the top for a nautical vibe.


The baseball cap for a rock look. The black leather baseball cap is the perfect choice for a rock or punk style with added sophistication! At Loewe, the cap is worn slightly further back than usual so that not all of the head is covered. It is never worn pulled all the way onto the head, both for style reasons and to avoid suffocating the scalp. Hair should ideally be worn up. Go for a low ponytail, even a side ponytail. If you have a fringe, don’t lock it away under your cap.


The baseball cap for a nautical look. One of the most stylish of the season, this cap, complete with visor, is raised at the top and many of you have now been seen sporting it. But you don’t need sea legs to pull this one off. Simply follow our advice! This cute and cheeky version should be worn on mid-length or short hair. Leave your hair down, natural or slightly wavy.


The baseball cap for a sophisticated look. The velvet baseball cap in burgundy, spotted at Kenzo, is ever so ladylike. To maximise the effect, work your hair into a false bob or a very low chignon. As you’re showing off your neck, go for low, chic hairstyles.


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