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How to wear festive make-up with wet-look hair
How to wear festive make-up with wet-look hair
How to wear festive make-up with wet-look hair
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How to wear festive make-up with wet-look hair

Most of the year, you like to wear discreet, yet feminine make-up. But, when the end of the year is approaching, all of that changes. You want to show off your eyes, wear your hair in glamourous styles and, most of all, you want people to notice you. The wet-look effect has been the stand-out trend this year, and will no doubt be the starring hairstyle at everyone’s Christmas party too. But, what make-up goes well with this hair trend?
Wet-look hair for xmas. You’ve probably seen the wet-look effect used over and over again this year…wet-look glamourous loose hair, feminine wet-look hair tied up…let’s face it, you’ve seen them all. There’s one wet-look style you’ve decided to keep however, the wet-look low chignon. This style instantly opens up your face and adds a touch of glamour and class to any Christmas outfit. To create this look, make a low lying parting on one side of your head, then add a rockabilly quiff. Next, rub a pea sized amount of gel in between your palms in order to evenly distribute the product throughout your hair. Tie your hair into a low ponytail, and twist the ponytail around the hair tie to create a statement chignon.
Festive make-up. Once you’ve finished the hairstyle, make-up is your next step. Your inspiration? Gold, which is a Christmas colour essential. Rather than simply using this colour on your eye lids, take the gold shade right up to your eyebrows to create a sparkly halo effect around your eyes. Start by creating the perfect base by sticking to a foundation shade that closely matches your natural skin tone. To emphasise your cheekbones, use a highlighter on the top of your cheeks. When it comes to your eyeliner, try a golden pencil. To re-create the make-up seen on the Dior catwalk, outline the whole of your eye with a gold coloured liner. For those after a more discreet, simple look, keep the gold tones to your eyelids only. Apply your mascara and a liner in the colour of your choice to  complete your eye make-up. The final touch? Add a couple of shiny gold crystals to your eyebrows. There’s nothing like feeling a million dollars at Christmas time!
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