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Things you can do to make your hair stronger
Things you can do to make your hair stronger
Things you can do to make your hair stronger
Hair care

How to strengthen your hair?


Is your hair damaged and breaking? From keratin treatments, oil soaks to your diet, adopt a good regime to strengthen your hair, from the roots down to the tips.

Boost your hair with keratin

Keratin, the main component of hair, gives your locks elasticity but also great strength. It takes a load of between 60 and 100g to break a single hair. Its properties therefore make it an unparallelled ally for repairing and restructuring your locks. Also, when your hair is limp and lifeless, opt for treatments rich in keratin such as those from Jean Louis David's Keratin Therapy range which, by restoring the hair fibre's protective barrier, make your hair stronger with every application.

Give your hair an oil soak

Another essential tip for giving a boost to your hair is oil soaks . For a targeted treatment, choose an oil rich in fortifying virtues such as castor , olive or avocado. Apply it to damp hair (a small amount is enough), strand by strand from the mid-lengths down to the tips. Then put your hair up into a bun and wrap it in cling film to promote the penetration of active ingredients. Leave it to soak in for a few hours before washing your hair. Then rinse thoroughly. Repeat the process once to twice a week depending on the condition of your locks.

Watch your diet

The health of your hair also relies on your diet. Eat a balanced diet and opt for certain foods which boost your hair's shine. Go for fish, meats and legumes which are particularly recommended for their protein content and contribute to natural keratin production. Also opt for foods rich in group B vitamins such as cereals which strengthen the hair fibre from the roots. Not forgetting zinc, which is found in seafood, nuts, eggs and even cocoa. This trace element is a natural hair fortifier as it is essential for the synthesis of keratin. Top tip: if your hair breaks easily, boost it with supplements (a real cocktail of vitamins) for quick and effective results.

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