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The benefits of oil for your hair
The benefits of oil for your hair

Oil soaks for the hair: why and how should they be used?

Does your hair look limp and lifeless despite your usual treatments? An oil soak is the perfect solution for restoring full health to your locks. Beneficial for all hair types and not only for damaged hair, this treatment can boost your hair's vitality. Read on to get (re)acquainted with it.

Why use an oil soak?

An oil soak is an intensive treatment which helps to deeply revitalise the hair fibre and counter imbalances affecting the scalp. It restores the protective layer of the hair to reinforce its resilience against external damaging factors and to restore your hair's shine. What are its benefits? This concentrated personalised treatment adapts to meet all of your hair's needs.

The ABC of hair oil

Say goodbye to mineral oil, which coats the hair fibre without penetrating it. It does not act as a proper hair care treatment. It just makes your hair softer. Instead, opt for pure, 100% natural, silicone-free plant oil. The quality of the treatment will depend on the quality of the oil.

An oil for every hair type

More than anything, doing an oil soak successfully means choosing the right one for you! Select your oil according to your hair type.
Dry, damaged locks? Opt for a rich nourishing oil such as argan, olive, avocado or even coconut with its addictive scent.
For normal hair, opt for a light oil: jojoba and macadamia are perfect. They hydrate your hair intensely without weighing it down. To regulate excess sebum, opt for nigella or hazelnut which have rebalancing properties.
If you have an irritated scalp, calendula oil can help soothe it with its anti-inflammatory properties.
Finally, if hair loss is worrying you, mix some castor oil into your usual hair oil to help stimulate regrowth.

How to use your oil soak

Do not smother your hair in oil. A small amount is enough to coat your locks and help them to look their best again.
Apply the oil to damp detangled locks, strand by strand, focusing on the tips. Your hair will be less receptive when dry.
Treat your scalp where necessary. To do this, apply a few drops of rebalancing oil and gently massage it in. Avoid rich oils, unless your scalp is extremely dry. Use different oils for your roots and the lengths for optimum results. Then, put your hair up into a chignon and wrap it in cling film to avoid staining your clothes while you leave the oil to soak in. Our tip: wrap it up in a warm towel as well, to encourage penetration of the active ingredients. Leave it to work for at least one hour or overnight, as you prefer. Then rinse out the oil with a mild shampoo. It will clean the hair fibre without damaging it. You will most likely have to repeat the whole process before your hair shines with health once more.

Good to know: Is your hair coloured? Oil soaks risk making your colour bleed. Therefore, have an oil soak a few days before your hairdressing appointment.


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