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How to keep your hair looking perfect all day long
How to keep your hair looking perfect all day long

How to keep your hair looking perfect all day long

Every morning you do your hair hoping that your style will stay in place all day. But sometimes an unpleasant surprise from the elements (rain, humidity...) can crush any hopes you had of a hassle-free hair day. Here are a few tips to help you solve these technical issues for immaculate hair!
You don’t need to be a professional stylist to have perfect hair all day long. You just need to know a few tricks and get your hands on the right products. There’s a quick and effective solution for every problem!
Frizz starts to reappear throughout the day. Don’t let these little hairs escape from the rest of your style. You’ve got two options. First option, use your anti-frizz serum to touch up as you need throughout the day. Warm the product up in your hands and apply to dry hair to banish these flyaway hairs. “Another solution is spraying hairspray onto a comb and styling, rather than spraying directly onto your hair.”
Humidity and rain can ruin your perfect hair-do. Never forget to check the weather forecast before stepping outside. If the weather is looking unpredictable, you’ll need to take precautions. “When you’re doing your hair, use anti-frizz products or products that will act as a barrier against humidity to preserve your hairstyle as much as possible.” Bear in mind though, once the damage is done there’s no going back. So why not invest in a mini pair of straighteners? “Mini straighteners are a nightmare if you’re trying to style your whole hair, but if it’s just for touching up a few sections they’re perfect. Keep them safe in a drawer at work!”
Your fringe is greasy and washing it is not an option. If during the day your fringe starts to look greasy and you don’t have the time to pop home before you head out, then dry shampoo is your best friend! “It can save your night in just a few minutes! But avoid wetting your fringe, you’ll only make it look worse.”
During the day you find that your curls are lacking bounce. The easiest thing to do is to carry a mini spray bottle full of water. Use this to wet the hair that’s looking dull. “You can also use styling mousse throughout the day on dry hair.”
Our tip: Why not create a mini beauty kit so that you can carry your beauty essentials everywhere you go. Have with you a mini can of hairspray, some serum and some styling mousse. To restyle your hair during the day, hair grips and pins will do just perfectly.
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