How to hydrate your hair deeply

Many women complain about dry hair. But hair is rarely dry from the roots to the ends. Mid-lengths and ends might be dry if hair is fragile, but the roots rarely are. So how can you hydrate and repair this section of the hair when it becomes dry? Follow our advice from the pros.
Dry hair tends to be lifeless and brittle, and since it’s more vulnerable it tends to split easily. “This is because hair is ultra-sensitive, its cuticles are open and its structure is deteriorated. This can be a result of many things. For example, an overly rich diet, pollution, and tiredness can all have an impact on your hair. It can also be due to repeated colouring treatments, a lack of upkeep, frequent highlights and excessive use of styling tools.” Make sure you monitor how your hair type changes, that way you can take care of it accordingly.
Keratin is a godsend for dry mid-lengths and ends. Look for keratin-based treatments rather than shampoos whose results are relative. “Keratin-based treatments hydrate hair and give it body. The products you should use will depend on how seriously dry your hair is: there are treatments that involve multiple products for very dry mid-lengths and ends. If it’s just the ends that are dry, apply the product to the ends only. If it’s just your mid-lengths, apply the product throughout the damaged section. Roots are rarely dry, so there’s no point applying hydrating treatments to this section. This will only leave the top of your hair looking greasy.”
Our tip: The more you use keratin, the more visible the results will be. We recommend regular use of a step-by-step treatment for deeply nourished hair. In any case, 90% of the time the results are visible from the first application.
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