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Which products for which hair types?
Which products for which hair types?
Hair care

Which products for which hair types?

At Jean Louis David, the Urban Care range is suitable for each hair type. Hair is often damaged by external factors such as pollution, wind, stress, rain as well as repeated colour treatments and blow-dries. Find out which product is made for you!
Dry hair. To revive coarse, lacklustre hair, use nourishing treatments to deeply hydrate the hair. “Also consider limiting your use of styling tools and always apply a heat-active treatment before each use to protect your hair.”
Coloured hair. After colouring, hair can often become dry or coarse due to the chemicals used. At home, use hair masks to rehydrate your hair.  “Also use treatments for coloured hair to stop your colour fading and make sure it stands the test of time.”
Blond hair. Blond hair is naturally more sensitive or finer than other hair colours. “At Jean Louis David, we have designed a range of products to suit their specific needs. These treatments will brighten and revive blond hair to leave it looking radiant.”
Damaged hair. A tell-tale sign of badly damaged hair is a lack of shine. This calls for drastic measures. Choose products that are rich in vitamins to deeply penetrate and regenerate the hair. Also avoid styling tools that could cause further damage.
Fine hair. Is your hair looking lifeless? “To restore body and texture, dry your hair upside down to lift the roots and use products specially designed to revive limp, flat hair.”
Greasy roots and dry ends. Often a particular problem if you live in the city. To regulate the over-production of sebum at the roots whilst ensuring that your ends stay hydrated, use shampoos and treatments designed for this issue. This will help your hair find its balance!
Grey hair. If you have grey hair, use products designed for your hair type or condition, be it dry or curly. Hair professionals also recommend that you use a treatment to remove brassy tones. “Brassy tones are neutralised for radiant, white hair. To be used once a month.”...
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