How often should you get your hair cut?

To keep your hair in full health, to boost its growth or to change its colour, getting your hair cut is always welcome. Find out how often you should get it trimmed according to your needs.

Whatever haircut you have, it is essential to get the ends of your hair trimmed regularly to preserve its health. This is even more the case if you have XXL hair as the ends age gradually over time and become damaged much more easily. As a result, plan to visit your hairdresser on average every 6 weeks to take care of shorter sections of hair and every 4 months for the longer parts.

A haircut to eliminate split ends

If despite using every treatment you can think of, your ends are becoming dry and brittle to the extent that they are splitting, a trip to the hairdresser is a must to stop this process from happening. Get the split ends cut off in time to prevent them from climbing up the length of your hair.

Freshening up your cut every now and then to boost hair growth

Although getting your hair cut doesn’t make your hair grow faster, contrary to popular belief, a trim can help you gain a few centimetres more easily as it stops the split ends climbing up the length of the hair effectively preventing growth. To ensure your hair grows quickly, get the ends trimmed every 2 to 3 months so you do not give your locks time to become damaged, thus slowing down growth.

A gradual or radical cut to change hair colour

When you get your hair cut at the same time as a colour change, your hairdresser will generally colour the entirety of your locks and will cut out sections where the old colour is noticeable or showing through as your hair grows out. Freshen up the ends every 1-2 months so you can complete the change more quickly.

Another option is to opt for an ultra-short haircut as soon as your grown out roots are long enough. All you need to do then is go for a new colour!

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