How do you create a dual-textured chignon?

Have you had enough of overly perfect chignons? If so, play with textures to put a new twist on this classic hairstyle. Here is our advice on how to create a pretty dual-textured chignon in 3 easy-to-follow steps!

1. Set the style of your up-do

Fortunately, all types of chignon lend themselves to this Autumn-Winter 2017/2018 season’s on-trend effects to give them a new look. A real lifesaver for choosing your favourite chignon and creating your very own hairstyle. A small topknot or a low chignon? A side up-do or a French twist? Just go for a style that best suits your hair length to easily add texture ease.

2. Creating a slicked-back front section

The second essential step for creating your dual-textured chignon: creating a flawless slicked-back effect at the front of the hairstyle, no matter which up-do you go for.

To create a fun bun: gather all your hair towards the back using a comb to tie it into a high ponytail whilst flattening down the locks at the front. Then spread a small amount of gel through for a flawless finish.

To create a low or side chignon with style, start by marking out a middle or side part depending on the movement you wish to create. Then continue by taming your hair either side of this separation. To do this, all you need do is smooth down your locks using a comb coated in hairspray. Then spritz on hairspray to hold your locks in place and get the slicked-back effect to hold for a long period. Lastly, tie up your locks into a low ponytail at the nape of the neck or at the side to create the basis of your chignon.

To create a rock chick French twist: gather your locks into a low ponytail at the nape of the neck and twist your hair, lifting it up to the top of your head. Fasten it all in place with hairpins, leaving a few of the tips free at the top of the hairstyle. Then dare to try out the ultra-glossy effect of slicked back locks by covering them in Shine Wax, a styling wax which adds a glossy coating to the hair fibre for maximum shine.

3. Texturize your locks

Now’s time to style the rest of the hair to create the dual-textured effect! Texturize your locks as much as you like to put a twist on your up-do. Each chignon has an ideal styling technique for a result that looks right.

Play with your rebellious bun with crimped locks to add volume and a touch of creativity to your hairstyle. Wrap your locks around themselves and hold the bun in place with a hairband without overly tightening it to showcase the notched sections.

Enhance your low or side chignon with a floaty hairstyle, wonderfully contrasting with the slicked-back sections. To do this, put a few waves in your hair with a heated curler before forming the chignon with hairpins.

Give your French twist a punk look by roughing up the tips using Texture Powder, a volumizing powder which adds body to your locks and creates a de-styled look in no time at all.

It’s down to you to choose your favourite duo of textures!

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