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Find out how to get thicker hair
Find out how to get thicker hair
Find out how to get thicker hair
Fine hair

How can your hair be made thicker?


You have tried to give more volume to your locks by backcombing and using many other techniques, however, your hair still looks limp and lifeless... Take a look at our advice on how to add volume to your locks, both as a quick fix and in the long term.

In the salon, opt for a hair colour full of shades...

To create the illusion of thicker locks, enlist a hair colourist to lighten a few strands. The contrast between the light and dark shades will create an impression of volume. The effects can be horizontal (lighter tips than roots) or vertical with highlights.

...a few snips of the scissors

A lack of volume can also be down to your haircut, if it is not or no longer suited to your hair type. To get thicker-looking locks, opt for layers which will add movement to your haircut. However, if you have fine hair, this technique could have the opposite effect. In that case, go for an A-line bob which is much more suited to your hair type.

Targeted treatments

To add lightness and fullness to your hair, opt for targeted treatments such as those containing rice proteins. By swelling up with water and latching onto the hair fibre, they add volume to your locks.

Backcombed hair

Simple and quick to do, backcombing creates the illusion of thicker locks. For optimum effects, start by sprinkling some texturizing power on your roots. Separate out a strand at the top of your head and style your roots in the opposite way to which your hair grows. Apply hairspray to the backcombed area and move on to the next section. Finish off by lightly brushing the backcombed section with a flat brush for a more natural effect.

A healthier diet

To boost the volume of your hair in the long term, opt for dietary supplements rich in proteins which can stimulate the synthesis of keratin and trace elements such as zinc. Supplements such as brewer's yeast, with its iron and vitamin content, or spirulina, a seaweed with fortifying virtues, are also effective in the long term.

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