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Dry your curls properly without breaking the hair shaft
Dry your curls properly without breaking the hair shaft
Dry your curls properly without breaking the hair shaft
Curly hair

How can I dry my curly hair without damaging it?


Curly hair is fragile and dry by nature, and needs gentle drying so as not to cause damage. Follow our instructions below on how best to achieve this.

Air drying

Carefully pat your locks dry using a microfibre or bamboo towel (which is much more absorbent than cotton) to speed up the drying process. Much gentler on your curls, it also reduces the risk of frizz. Wrap the towel around your hair and keep it on your head for 2 minutes, while the excess water is absorbed. Then, finish off by patting each strand in turn, gently pressing each section of hair with your towel. Avoid rubbing your locks, on pain of weakening the hair shaft and causing knots to form. Next, style your hair with a wide-tooth comb so as not to break up your curls. Then, spread out a small amount of a hydrating leave-in treatment over your locks to nourish the hair shaft and help shape your curls. Finally, leave your hair to air dry.


Pre-dry your hair with a towel to reduce the drying time and neaten your curls with your fingers. Then apply a thermo-protective treatment to your locks to protect them from the heat and to prevent them from drying out. Before you start, fit a diffuser attachment onto the end of your hairdryer. Thanks to its circular shape, it will spread out the heat evenly and protect the hair shaft from the force of the hair dryer. Only use your hair dryer on a medium heat and a low power setting to prevent your hair from getting tangled. Start upside-down to give your curls more volume. Then, lift your head back up and go over each section from the bottom to the top, making a spring-like movement. That way, your curls will grip onto the spikes on the diffuser and will keep their shape. This way you can say hello to beautiful frizz-free curls!

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