How can a cowlick be tamed?

Whether it only happens occasionally or it is linked to the way your hair grows, cowlicks are difficult to keep under control, particularly when they appear on your fringe or at the top of your head. Let’s solve the problem of these irritating tufts once and for all.

The basic rule

To tame an unruly strand of hair you need to do three important things: dampen the cowlick (focusing on the roots), style it using a hairdryer with a narrow attachment and use an oil- based styling product to help tame the tuft without stiffening it.

If your fringe sticks up

Once you have dampened the unruly strand, use a round brush and your hair dryer to style it towards the back, incorporating any baby hairs. Then start drying your hair towards the front, perpendicular to your forehead. Now put one hand at your roots, press down for a few seconds and use the other hand to dry this section to avoid any cowlicks from forming.

If you have short hair

At the nape of the neck, on the hairline or at the top of your head… Cowlicks can appear in greater numbers and prove more stubborn on short hair. If your unruly strand still sticks up even after you have dampened it, dried it and styled it with a flat brush, you can adapt your hairstyle to resolve the situation. In order to hide a cowlick at the top of your head, use a little texturizing powder to give more volume to the rest of your hair. For an unruly tuft on your hairline, you could put in a side parting or a mini-braid if your hair is long enough.

Do you get cowlicks on a daily basis? Perhaps your haircut is not or no longer suited to the way your hair grows. If you get cowlicks at the back of your head, you should avoid layered haircuts and instead leave your hair to grow so that it weighs down your locks and prevents any tufts from sticking out.

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