Heading for the sun this winter, what's the best regime for my hair?

Are you all set for holidays at the seaside or in the mountains? One thing is for sure: the sun is bound to be out in full force on your trip this winter. Although great for lifting your spirits, it is not always as kind to your hair. So here are some top tips on how to protect your precious locks.

Apply a sun protection treatment

Just because it is winter, this does not mean that the sun is any less harmful to your locks. The sun can dry out your hair and can also ‘fade out’ your colour, just like in summer! To protect your locks, using a treatment containing a UV filter is a must. This leave-in treatment should be applied daily to continuously hydrate your hair and to block out harmful rays to keep your locks in tip-top condition.

Apply repair treatments

At this time of the year, your hair gets damage-prone. The dry air in winter dries out the hair fibre and not only that, thermal shock created by the temperature difference between the heated indoors and the chilly outdoors is also a contributing factor. Furthermore, when your locks are exposed to UV rays, the hair’s structure and keratin can become damaged. The result: your hair gets even more dry and brittle. To deeply regenerate your locks, you will need to apply ultra-nourishing heavy duty treatments, such as formulations rich in keratin or caviar extract from the Go Repair range. Their active ingredients can hydrate and restructure the hair like no other to counteract the harmful effects of all of these damaging factors.

Opt for accessories

Beanies, ushankas, straw hats, scarves or fedora hats… No matter what your holiday destination, there is an array of hats and accessories suited to your activities to protect your hair from the sun. So, be sure to pack them in your suitcase!

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