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Revive your dry hair with treatments from the Go Repair range
Revive your dry hair with treatments from the Go Repair range
Revive your dry hair with treatments from the Go Repair range
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A closer look at the Go Repair regime!


Have endless blow-drying or colouring treatments got the better of your hair, leaving it dry and weakened? Besides getting your hair cut (essential for freshening up the tips), some treatments prove to be precious allies for repairing your hair. Interested to know which ones? Meet the Go Repair range by Jean Louis David. Three treatments which will (seriously) do your hair good.

This trio of treatments (a shampoo, mask and leave-in nectar) is designed to be the ultimate repair regime to rescue extremely damage-prone, dehydrated and brittle locks. A heavyweight regime for repairing damage and restoring your hair back to its shiny healthy self.

An unusual ingredient

At the heart of the exclusive formulation (which is free from parabens, silicone and sulphates) Jean Louis David has selected a surprising ingredient: caviar extract with its highly reparative properties. Naturally packed full of antioxidants, it deeply nourishes and regenerates the hair fibre leaving it full of vitality once more.

How should Go Repair treatments be used?

First, apply the shampoo to wet hair and lather it up with some water to eliminate impurities. Once rinsed out, it leaves your locks feeling soft and revitalised. Then continue your rejuvenating treatment regime by spreading out a large amount of the mask over the lengths and tips. Massage it in gently. Then leave it to work for 5 minutes to deeply restructure the fibre and to give your locks an intense nutrition boost. Next, detangle your hair and thoroughly rinse out the product. Finally, gently squeeze out your locks and apply the leave-in nectar section by section to keep the treatment going and show off shiny soft hair once more.

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