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a luxury treatment for damaged hair
a luxury treatment for damaged hair
a luxury treatment for damaged hair
Hair care

Discover the incredible effects of caviar on your hair


Did you think caviar was just for your taste buds? Think again! This black gold is packed full of nutrients that are beneficial for both your skin and your hair. We take a closer look at this luxury product.

A rejuvenating treatment for your hair

Caviar extracts are exceptional reparative agents which deeply regenerate your hair. They boost cell renewal to restructure the hair and they strengthen it from the roots down to the tips. More than just a haircare treatment, it is a real anti-ageing product, perfect for rescuing overprocessed hair which has been repeatedly coloured or styled on a daily basis. Qualities which make it a choice ingredient, selected by Jean Louis David, as the star of the new product formulations for the Go Repair range for damage-prone locks.

A g(roe)th boost

High in vitamins B1, B2, B6 and amino acids, caviar extract improves your scalp's micro-circulation which can stimulate and speed up hair growth. A real lifesaver for a short-term growth spurt... And also in the long term! As it is boosted by the nutrients that caviar supplies, the keratin produced subsequently is of higher quality. This helps your long hair stay stronger and more resilient for longer.

A straightening aid

Coupled with keratin, caviar can have an effect similar to that of Brazilian straightening which softens and intensely repairs your locks. The ideal option if you wish to have a long-lasting style, despite your locks being very damaged.

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