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Get the low down on the new Multi-Purpose Leave-in Gel
Get the low down on the new Multi-Purpose Leave-in Gel
Hair care

Get the low down on the new Multi-Purpose Leave-in Gel

Summer is gradually making its return, but that doesn’t mean you should forget about looking after your hair! On the contrary, as summer is often the harshest season on your locks. Jean Louis David has created a new product to protect your lengths and keep your style looking in top condition.
The multi-purpose leave-in gel from the Sun Therapy range deeply nourishes your hair throughout the summer season, whatever your hair type. Once applied, it strengthens, protects and nourishes. This gel is also perfect for detangling and repairing hair when it is weak and fragile. Its UV-Protect complex formula acts as a barrier against the harmful side effects caused by chlorine, salt water and the sun. Even if your locks are exposed to the elements, hair remains soft, supple and luminous right through your vacation.
What’s more, you’ll instantly fall in love with its luxuriously lightweight and non-greasy texture, not to mention a fresh and subtle fragrance which lightly disperses all day long. Spray all over your lengths and ends during and after sun exposure (there’s no need to rinse!) and repeat this process after every hair wash to keep hair protected. Ensure hair stays in top condition by spacing out hair color appointments which will make hair more resilient in the long-term. You’ll soon see that this ultra-efficient spray will become a must-have in your beauty kit.
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