Haircut disasters: our tips

Sometimes you leave the hairdresser’s and it’s a disaster… You hate the cut or you’re unhappy with the whole image. But what counts as a bad haircut? It’s hard to define what it means for every person. But here are some tips on how to rectify certain problems.
There can be many reasons why you’re unhappy with your haircut. First of all, a technical error. For example, sections of hair that have been missed or unsightly cuts. “It can also be a question of taste. The haircut may be technically sound, but the client doesn’t like it. I’m referring mainly to lengths that don’t suit or layers that are just too bold. Or a cut that the client doesn’t think looks good on her.” Finally, you might be having trouble styling it at home. The haircut isn’t easy to style. But don’t panic, 90% of haircut disasters can be fixed!
First of all, go back to your hairdresser. Ask him or her about your options. “If your cut has too many layers for your liking, they’ll be able to work on the colour to hide this contrast with light and dark effects.” Think your haircut is too short? You can always cheat a little bit by wearing extensions while your hair grows back out. This will only work if your hair is all one length at the bottom.
Otherwise, make use of clever styling solutions. If your hair is too short, get around this issue by slicking it down using a gel or with slides, hair grips or headbands. To stop your layers from attracting too much attention, wear your hair in a half ponytail. Finally, if you just hate your haircut? Curl it. Adding subtle waves will give your hair a softer, blended feel.
Our tip: Hair mishaps are most often the result of a misunderstanding between the hairdresser and the client. “So it’s very important to chat to your hairdresser and let them know exactly what cut you’re after.” That way you’ll avoid any disappointment.

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