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Your ideal hair regime from start to finish.
Your ideal hair regime from start to finish.

Hair treatments: in which order should you use them?

Have you accumulated so many treatments in your bathroom that you no longer know where to start? Don't worry, Jean Louis David will restore some order into your haircare regime.

1 – Products to use in the shower


No worthy haircare regime would be complete without shampoo. A real beauty ally for all hair types, this product gets rid of impurities and removes excess sebum. When choosing your shampoo, be sure to go for a formula targeted to the nature of your hair. Dispense a small amount into the palm of your hand and then gently massage it into your scalp.


Conditioner is used immediately after shampoo. Its aim is to detangle your hair and make it shine. This is particularly an essential for dry, frizzy or curly locks, provided you choose a product containing minimal amounts of silicone, to avoid weighing the hair down.


As they deeply nourish the hair fibre, hair masks can be used as a complement to conditioner for dehydrated or damaged locks. For other hair types, however, it is advisable to alternate these two products.

2- Pre-drying treatments

Heat protection treatments:

After the washing stage comes drying. However, you should still protect your hair against high temperatures. To do this, apply a heat protection treatment to damp locks.

Leave-in treatments:

A secret trick for those who are always in a rush: if there's no time to apply conditioner or a mask, forget your heat protection treatment and use a leave-in product instead. This will detangle and hydrate your hair whilst protecting it from the heat of your styling appliances.


Ideal for limp and lifeless locks, styling mousse is applied at the roots before drying. When coupled with blow-drying, this guarantees XXL volume.

3- Styling products


Used to finish off your look, serum adds shine to your hair and eliminates any remaining frizz.

Fixing spray:

Fixing spray is a styling product that allows you to shape a cut and say goodbye to unruly locks. This is why it is mainly used on short hair.


To fix movement whilst preserving a certain amount of suppleness, hairspray is best suited to mid-length or long hair. It is a final and essential step for creating a long-lasting hairstyle.


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