Hair programme for the winter

During the winter your morale is often low. But that’s not all. Your hair also shows signs of weakness during these chilly winter months. It’s as if the wind, the cold and the snow are all out to get your hair. To shield it from the elements, follow this hair programme created by our experts!
During the winter season, hair often suffers from the effects of temperature changes. It is also more sensitive and therefore more likely to become static. To make matters worse, the accessories we wear to keep our heads warm, such as beanies and hats, tend to make our hair greasy. These are the problems you might be faced with, and here’s advice on how to combat them!
When you wash your hair, you obviously need to dry it before heading outside. “Careful not to apply too much heat, you don’t want your hair to have too much of a shock when it is faced with the freezing outdoor temperatures. The best thing to do is alternate between hot and cold air when drying. And of course use a thermo-active spray to protect your hair from the heat of your styling tools.”
Another problem you might be faced with is greasy roots. Wearing a beanie or a hat can suffocate your scalp and leave it looking greasy… Another factor is our diet. “In winter we tend to eat richer foods. This can often have an effect on our hair. Some people are lucky enough to avoid this problem, but many of us have to deal with it.” Put a stop to it by using a shampoo designed for greasy hair, alternating with your usual shampoo. “We generally recommend washing your hair 1 to 2 times a week, but this can be increased if you have greasy hair.”
Beanies and hats are often the cause of static hair. And the effect can be worse depending on the material. Wool and faux fur are the worst for this. “Keep an ionic brush with you at the office, this restores ions in the hair and will stop your hair from heading skywards when you take off your hat! Or carry a small can of hairspray around with you. Spray onto a comb and use to style your hair.”

Our tip: You may also find that in winter your hair tends to look dull and lifeless. To restore your hair’s vitality, use keratin-based treatments. These ultra-nourishing products will also leave your hair looking soft and shiny.

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